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The Importance of Proper Meth Lab Cleanup, Explained

meth lab cleanup


Experts report that between 2009 and 2019, drug overdoses involving methamphetamines increased 10-fold. This increase could come from a variety of causes, including the ease of producing the drug.

Meth labs have become as common as local fast-food franchises. The problems with meth affect many industries, including real estate. Did you know you have to disclose if you've ever had a meth lab on your property when you sell your home?

If you discover that your property has had a meth lab on it, you need to conduct a thorough meth lab cleanup. You will have to either undertake the precarious task yourself or call in a professional meth lab cleanup team that specializes in meth lab remediation. 

Either way, you need to do something. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the meth lab cleaning process. 

Meth and Its Effects

Methamphetamine, commonly known as meth, is an addictive drug with effects similar to cocaine. Users feel instant pleasure for long periods of time. Individuals can easily make meth with common drug-store ingredients like pseudoephedrine. 

The addictive nature of meth combined with its ease of production has made it one of the most common and dangerous drugs in the United States today. Large doses of meth will lead to paranoia, insomnia, hallucinations, and violent behavior. 

When an individual cooks meth at home, they cannot keep the toxins confined to the meth itself. The toxins will creep into every corner of the room where the meth lab is located. So if you live in a home that once housed a meth lab, you will be prone to symptoms like dizziness, nausea, nose irritation, throat irritation, and headaches. 

Children will often develop the symptoms sooner because they're not as sanitary as their adult counterparts. They touch things and put their fingers in their youth. 

Long-term effects are even more dangerous. Individuals exposed to these toxins produced by meth are susceptible to kidney failure, brain damage, mental issues, psychological disorders, and a coma. Individuals with fragile bodies like immunocompromised people or elderly adults will experience the more detrimental symptoms. 

Meth Lab Cleanup Process

The meth lab clean-up process is straightforward and simple. You can try to clean up the room on your own, but doing so puts you at significant risk. You also run the risk that you won't do a good enough job compared to the pros. 

Professional cleaning companies with meth lab cleanup experience understand how to clean up a meth lab effectively. When you bring in the pros, you will notice they follow a few basic steps. 

Use Protection

First and foremost, you'll notice the pros come in with over-the-top protection. They use gloves, scrubs, goggles, and respiratory masks. If you try to clean the room up on your own, you must have these basic tools first. 

Air Out

The pros will begin by airing out your property. They will open the doors and windows of the room for a few hours. The key to airing out the property lies in creating a draft, and thus a single open window or door will not do the trick. 

Remove Everything

Everything in the room has contaminants on it, from the furniture to the carpet to the vents. This means you have to get rid of everything in the part of the house where the meth lab functioned. Save nothing. 

Dispose of Toxic Waste

The pros will eliminate the toxic waste on your property. They have gone through the extensive meth lab cleanup training required, and thus they know how to dispose of the toxic waste caused by the meth lab. 


Even after you've had your property cleaned by a professional cleaning company, legally you must disclose to any future owners that a meth lab existed in the home. 

If you've purchased a home where you think a meth lab existed, bring in the experts to test for meth. They will be able to find the residue and contamination. 

Call Insurance

Sometimes insurance policies will include meth cleanups. This depends solely on your location as the laws vary from state to state and even county to county. Always check with your insurance to see if they will cover you. 

Seek Training

If you're still insistent that you can clean up the lab area on your own, sign up for meth lab cleanup training. You can find online and in-person courses designed specifically to teach individuals how to follow protocol when cleaning a meth lab area. 

Protect yourself and your family by seeking the proper training rather than just winging it. If you do not have proper training, you will ultimately not clean the area well and you could even end up seriously sick or injured.  

Cleanup Checklist

If you're cleaning the area yourself or having a professional meth lab cleanup crew come in, you need to follow basic steps. Interview the cleaning company before you bring them in to see if they follow these steps. 

  • Test to make sure the property really had a meth lab on it

  • Wear proper protective gear

  • Air out the property by creating a draft

  • Dispose of anything that was on the property

  • Dispose of toxic waste using the appropriate protocol

  • Use household cleaning methods and recommended chemicals to clean all the surfaces

  • Clean out ventilation systems and HVAC parts

  • Clean plumbing systems

  • Air out the home for five days

These steps look basic and simple. With proper training, you could probably complete them on your own. But when you hire a professional, you reduce your personal risk and increase the probability that the property is safe. 

Clean Up and Breathe 

Basic meth lab cleanup looks simple but carries significant risks. If you suspect you have had a meth lab on your property, bring in the experts to evaluate and clean it up. 

Do you need a meth lab cleaned up? Contact us today. HCI Environmental has broad experience in the environmental industry. We assist clients with all of their environmental management needs. 

In particular, we take care of waste transportation, general contractor needs, waste disposal, and emergency chemical spill responses. We have a healthy clean interiors program that will maintain the environmental health of your building as well. 

Check out our services today and let us help you clean up.



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