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Who to Trust With Trauma Scene Cleanup

Who to Trust With Trauma Scene Cleanup

No matter how much you design your life in diligent detail, some things pop up that you can never plan for. Everyone hopes that they will not have to deal with a traumatic death in the family, especially at home.

But it does happen. And quite often at that, especially in America.

What do you do then when you are dealing with a trauma scene cleanup problem? It's not like you have any experience with this so you wouldn't even know where to begin. And you can't just call in a regular cleaning service to do the job!

That's where trauma cleanup companies like HCI come in. Let's read on to see why you can trust a company like HCI to do your crime scene cleanup.

Know What to Expect with Crime Scene Cleanup

When you call in a professional cleaning services company, you know that you are dealing with experts who have been through this situation many times before. It's not their first time dealing with a suicide or murder cleanup.

They have strict procedures, rules, and guidelines that are laid out clearly and that everyone on their team follows to the best of their ability. They will be able to come in, do their job efficiently and accurately, and then leave without you even realizing that they were there.

This applies even when the crime scene or murder scene isn't in a home or an office, but in an outdoor location somewhere in the woods. They have experience cleaning up all kinds of crime scenes in all sorts of locations, so they won't be baffled no matter what you throw at them.

Have Specialized Training with Cleaning up Bodily Fluids and More

Due to the advent of AIDS and other diseases that spread through bodily fluids, like blood, saliva, and more, you have to be extremely careful when it comes to cleaning up a murder, suicide, or other crime scenes. That's why a professional crime scene cleanup company is crucial.

Not only do they have proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to make sure that their staff is protected, safe, and unharmed in the cleaning process, but they also have the equipment to ensure that the job is done with such precision that you wouldn't even know that the crime scene used to be a crime scene.

Every drop of bodily fluid will be cleaned up and the residents will be able to use the property again in no time at all.

Will Respect That This Is an Emotional Time for Those Involved

When you are a government agency or law enforcement agency working on a trauma scene, no matter how much you wish, you are going to have a lot of family members and other individuals around who are being quite emotional about the whole situation. It's understandable. Their lives have just been turned upside down.

BUT you need to get a job done and then you have to move on to your other cases. This is not the only crime scene in your city and your time is limited.

The good thing about hiring a professional cleanup company is that they can perform the cleanup job without getting in your way or aggravating things for the civilians involved. They have dealt with many traumatic situations in their life and they know how to be respectful to the emotions of the people and give them their required space. Discreet cleaning is the name of the game.

This doesn't mean that they don't do a thorough job, of course. No matter what they will leave the place looking spic and span, without a clue that there was even a death in the area before.

Are Compliant with Regulatory Agencies Regulations

There are many regulatory agencies out there like the Department of Health Services, OSHA, and others that professional trauma cleanup companies have to be compliant with. This means that you as a government agency or law enforcement agency don't have to worry about all these details.

You can focus on catching the perpetrators involved in the crime, if there are any, and leave the cleanup duties entirely to the company. Knowing that this aspect of the crime scene is in good hands should leave your mind free to focus on the more important aspects of the case.

Also, you will be reassured to know that trauma cleanup companies like HCI are licensed for trauma scene services by the California Department of Health Services, which means that they are legitimate and the real deal.

Know Exactly How to Dispose of All Cleanup Materials

The final piece of the puzzle is making sure that all the cleaning materials and the cleaned-out materials get disposed of properly. You can't just dump these items into the local garbage dump.

Companies like HCI will even provide documentation that outlines exactly how the materials got disposed of and details on what the job was all about. This means that you can feel relieved about this side of the equation as well.

Trauma Scene Cleanup Is All about Professionalism

Any kind of trauma scene cleanup requires the utmost professionalism. Every employee in such a cleaning services company needs to maintain the highest decorum and respect. They can't be making jokes or speaking rudely about the deceased or the situation.

With HCI, you know that your crime scene cleanup is in the best hands possible. If you wish thorough, quick, and reliable results every single time you have a trauma cleanup scene, you will want HCI on your side.

We have 24/7 emergency response on the ready, so request service today and see what a difference it can make in your crime scene investigations

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