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How to Make the Most of Demolition Services Near Me Results

How to Make the Most of Demolition Services Near Me Results

There are over 23,470 demolition workers in the United States. You should be able to search "demolition services near me" and get results right away.

However, you can't be certain that the first search engine result will be a high-quality company. You need to carefully analyze all the features of different demolition companies. Read on to learn the specific features to look for.

Hazardous Material Handling

Was your commercial building built before the 1980s? If so, some materials in your building may contain the hazardous material asbestos. Only certain demolition companies can handle this material.

You should search "hazardous material demolition services near me" if you suspect that the building you want to destroy contains hazardous materials. Also, check each demolition company's self-description. Each one should mention any hazardous material experience.

Demolition Waste Disposal Recycling Methods

Many building materials, such as metal and wood, are recyclable. Commercial demolition contractors may or may not recycle these materials. If your company markets itself as eco-friendly, you'll likely want a recycling demolition company.

You may be able to learn if the company recycles or not in its self-description. There may also be process pictures in the project portfolio. If not, try asking the company's customer service about material recycling.

Demolition Environmental Impact Remediation

Demo projects can also cause environmental hazards. Dust caused by the project can get into the environment and become a hazard. This can hurt an eco-friendly company's reputation.

Luckily, many demo contractors know how to minimize this dust. Their description should mention soft demolitions, which is a demolition method that causes less dust. You can also search for "soft demolition services near me."

Site Cleanup Options

Not all demolition companies handle site cleanup. Some of them may leave you to handle this yourself and you may not want to deal with this hassle. Be sure to bring up this topic when you're discussing a price quote with each contractor.

Are you fine with hiring another service to clean up the commercial building waste? If so, search "site cleanup near me" along with "demolition services near me."

Materials Saving Skills

You may not want to destroy everything in your building. There may be some special doors, windows, etc. that you want to save for another construction project. Luckily, some commercial demolition contractors can save these items from demolition.

Demo services will call this service "asset recovery." Search for it in each company's description. Also, don't forget to mention what items you need to be recovered when discussing the demolition plan.

Commercial Demolition Project Similarities

Check the portfolios of demo companies for buildings like yours. Did you find one? If so, you can be certain that this company can effectively demolish your building type.

Keep in mind that a company doesn't need to have this type of experience. A high-quality commercial demo company can demolish any type of building. This factor can just help you compare two results of your "demolition services near me" search.

Demolition Insurance Type

The demo company that you hire should have contractors' insurance. This way, you'll get compensated should the workers make a mistake.

However, liability insurance is also important. Workers sometimes get injured due to site accidents, hazardous materials, etc. With insurance, you won't need to compensate injured workers.

Safety Rules Adherence

How many accidents have particular commercial demolition contractors had? This is an important question to ask a company's customer service personnel. There are a lot of problems that you'll have to deal with should an accident occur.

To start with, the project may get delayed. You may also run into some legal troubles as the site owner. Therefore, it's best to hire a demolition company that has had the least, if any, amount of recent accidents.

Demolition Contractor Licensing

Check to see if the demo contractors at a company have work licenses. This is especially important if your area's law requires it. If a demo company is operating without licenses, it's breaking the law.

However, licenses are still important even if they're not legally required. They prove that contractors have adequate amounts of skill and experience to handle demolition jobs. So make sure to ask demo companies for their contractors' licenses.

Subcontractor Hiring

Some contractors don't handle projects themselves. Rather, they hand it to a subcontractor. This company may or may not be high-quality.

Ask the company about this during a consultation. If they use a subcontractor, analyze the quality level of the subcontractor. Don't hire the company if the subcontractor isn't good.

Demolition Equipment Brands

Some demolition companies will list the equipment brands they use. If they don't, ask their customer service about what equipment brands they use. You should then look up details about the equipment's manufacturer.

Does the manufacturer appear to be of high quality? If so, it's safe to hire the demo company that uses their products. Don't hire a demo company that uses low-quality products.

Project Quote Comparisons

Going for the lowest or highest price isn't always the right option. The cheapest company may not provide you with high-quality work. The most expensive company may not provide quality work that is worth that price.

When you search "demolition services near me," also check for the average price of these services. Hire a company that has a price closest to the average. This price is most likely the fairest.

Include HCI in Your Demolition Services Near Me Search

It may take some time for you to find a demolition company that meets all of these needs. However, if you feel annoyed and are unable to be patient, remember that the effort will be worth it in the end.

Also, make sure that you include HCI Environmental in your "demolition services near me" search. With over 20 years of experience in the demolition industry, we're sure to fulfill all of your commercial demolition needs. Contact us using the information located below the HCI Environmental button on this page.