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How to Choose the Right Environmental Cleanup Company

How to Choose the Right Environmental Cleanup Company

You've just been informed that your site has been contaminated, and now, you're concerned about how you'll remedy the issue.

If it's of any consolation to you, you're not alone. Research shows that several thousands of U.S. sites have experienced contamination. This can easily happen due to leaks, spills, accidents, or even the incorrect disposal of hazardous waste.

Fortunately, that's where environmental cleanup companies come into play. The question is, how do you choose the right one?

Here's a rundown on how to select the right company for your environmental cleanup needs.

Let's dig in!

Top Environmental Cleanup Companies Offer 24-7 Availability

The top environmental cleanup companies offer emergency disaster and chemical spill response around the clock. This means that when you partner with one of these companies, you'll be able to reach a professional any time -- night or day -- to address your problem.

The live professional you contact should be trained to mobilize both personnel and equipment. This is necessary to contain as well as remediate your spill site.

Wide Range of Services

In addition, your chosen company should provide diverse services aimed at meeting your unique needs. For instance, look for companies that offer remediation in a variety of scenarios.

These scenarios include those involving trauma scenes and fentanyl sites. They also include meth labs and firing ranges.

Other services to look for include waste disposal through treatment, recycling, incineration, or the use of a landfill.

The top companies in the industry are also skilled in mold, lead, and asbestos abatement.

Customization Ability

As you seek an environmental cleanup service provider, be sure to choose one that can customize their approach to satisfy your needs and goals.

To accomplish this, the company should first thoroughly assess your site. This includes evaluating the site for soil, groundwater, and surface water contamination. It also includes determining how widespread your contamination issue is.

Afterward, the company should provide you with a viable remediation plan. The evaluation and research they perform at your site should lead to a practical strategy for solving your environmental contamination issue.

Job Cost Estimate

While evaluating your site, your potential environmental cleanup company should give you an estimate of how much your remediation project will cost. Ideally, you want to get estimates from about three companies. This will help you to determine what a reasonable remediation cost is for your particular situation.

Note that a bid that is exceptionally low may be a red flag. In this situation, you might end up having to hire another company to correct remediation work that was not adequately performed. This may cost you more money in the long run.

Also, avoid going with a bid that hasn't investigated your site first. Companies in the industry truly cannot tell you upfront how much a job will cost without first assessing the site.

Years of Experience

Another quality to look for in an environmental cleanup company is years of expertise in the field.

Avoid choosing a company that has just launched. Instead, select a company that has a long history of demonstrated success with clients.


Before hiring a cleanup company, ask to see their list of references.

Reviews from clients should indicate that your chosen company is able to react to emergencies quickly. In addition to being responsive, the company should be praised for having broad industry knowledge.

Also, look at the types of projects that your prospective company has completed. This will also help you to determine if that company has sufficient experience to handle the type of remediation work you need done at your site.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

The right remediation companies are also fully insured. This insurance should meet or even exceed your requirements.

Insurance coverage is important because it will protect your service provider from unforeseen circumstances. For instance, it will help if the remediation company accidentally introduces extra contamination to your site that later needs to be rectified. Insurance will also help if the company damages a person or property while on your site.

A policy for workers' compensation should be part of the company's insurance coverage. They should also have general liability coverage.

Industry Licensure

Choose a remediation company that is licensed in the industry as well.

Licensure is important because before you can complete your project, you will need to get permits from your municipality. A remediation company will be approved for permits only if they have proof of a license.

Double-check to make certain that a company's license is current before hiring them to work on your site.

Timeline Oriented

Finally, make sure that your chosen remediation company provides you with a timeline for your project.

The company can't immediately tell you how long your project will last. However, the company should offer a general sense of how long the fieldwork will take.

Likewise, the company should provide a time estimate for having regulators evaluate the work. A timeline should also cover completing reports related to your project.

How We Can Help with Your Site Remediation Needs

Dealing with a contaminated site can understandably be overwhelming. However, reputable environmental cleanup companies can quickly resolve this issue for you. Fortunately, you can easily choose the right company based on factors such as their years of industry expertise. Other factors include their licensure and client reviews.

At HCI Environmental, we take pride in offering top-tier clean up services. Our services cover government agencies, law enforcement, first responders, and manufacturers.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can safely and efficiently clean up your site today.