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A Complete Guide to Environmental Cleanup Companies

A Complete Guide to Environmental Cleanup Companies

Did you know that mold is present in 70% of homes and 26% of hospitals, outpatient departments, and nursing homes? Since mold exposure can be dangerous to the health of Americans, all businesses must ensure that their commercial buildings are free of mold or mildew.

Environmental cleanup companies can help with this. But there's a lot more a professional cleanup company does on a day-to-day basis. Keep reading to learn more about environmental cleanup companies, like HCI Environmental.

Experienced Team

When you hire an environmental cleanup company like HCI, you know that you are getting an experienced team who is knowledgeable about various kinds of environmental cleanup projects.

Looking for a full-service environmental management company? HCI Environmental & Engineering Service is it.

With vast experience in the environmental industry, we can help you maintain your environmental management projects. Especially as businesses grow and expand, environmental cleanup becomes even more crucial.

But there's no point bringing in an environmental cleanup company that hasn't dealt with all the different kinds of environmental cleanup projects out there. With HCI, you can rest assured that no matter what kind of clean-up project you have, we will have had experience in it in the past.


HCI is fully licensed, insured, and permitted to assist with all of your hazardous waste and environmental cleanup activity. We specialize in the following:

  • Hazardous Waste Transportation and Disposal

  • Asbestos, Mold, and Lead Abatement

  • Environmental Construction

  • Soil Remediation and Excavation

We provide 24-hour/7-day-a-week Emergency Spill Response services to anyone who needs it. If you would like to read more about what kind of services we offer, then you can check out our Statement of Qualifications document.

Past Projects

These are just a couple of our past projects. It should give you an idea of the scale of our experience and the breadth of knowledge we bring to every clean-up project. You can rest assured when you hire us for your cleanup job.

In El Centro, California: We responded to a diesel spill via tanker truck and trailer. Cleaning up 40,000 gallons of contaminated water and around 10,000 tons of diesel-impacted soil, all regulatory agencies were satisfied upon completion of the job.

San Pedro Fish Market: In this project, we were involved in the excavation and removal of approximately 500 linear feet of underground product (diesel) piping and contaminated soil. We also installed a petroleum-impacted soil remediation system.

These are just two examples. You can check out more of our past projects here.

What Environmental Cleanup Companies Do

When most people think of environmental cleanup companies, they mostly think of petroleum spills and contaminated water. But environmental cleanup companies do much more than that. We have listed some of the main categories below to give you more perspective.

Exceptional Customer Support

HCI isn't one to sit on its laurels but is constantly looking for ways to improve. We pride ourselves on providing the most efficient and best customer service in the industry. If you think we need to change or improve in any way, or if you have concerns you wish to share, HCI will take your feedback and any client needs very seriously.

Waste Transportation

When you have hazardous waste that needs to get transported across the United States, you can turn to HCI Environmental. We provide cost-effective, consistent transportation for hazardous waste. We utilize various transportation means to ensure safe and reliable transportation of hazardous waste to its disposal facility.

We have 6,000-gallon stainless bulk tankers and 1,500-5,500 gallon vacuum trucks. Also, roll-off bins and box vans to help move your hazardous waste wherever it needs to go.

General Contractor

When you have a construction project, there's always going to be environmental waste that needs disposal. That's where HCI Environmental comes in.

We can handle all your environmental construction projects. Some tasks that we can take on, are:

  • Soil/Media removal

  • Wastewater treatment neutralization

  • Groundwater collection systems

  • Excavation protection systems

If you would like to read about all the different jobs that we can undertake for you, please check out the list here.

Waste Disposal

No matter what kind of waste your organization needs to dispose of, HCI Environmental can handle it all. These are some of the common items we dispose of regularly:

  • Oil

  • Wastewater

  • Paints

  • Acids

  • Lead

  • Asbestos

We will take care of it from start to finish: from packaging, manifesting, transportation, and disposal. You don't need to worry about a thing. It's a stress-free process for you.

Learn more about our waste disposal services here.

Emergency Chemical Spill Response

We provide 24/7 emergency response service to all chemical spill situations. We have a 1-800 number (866.546.3257) that you can contact at any time of day, and a live person will answer your call and help you schedule the clean-up immediately.

These are some of the processes we can undertake for you:

  • Confined space entries

  • Fire and Storm clean up

  • Tanker truck spills

  • Drum ruptures, tank failures, or other plant emergencies

There's no need to wonder about who to call when you have such an emergency. Use our toll-free number and get your spill cleaned up asap. Learn more about our chemical spill response service here.

Healthy Clean Interiors Program

HCI has 30+ years of decontamination experience. If you suspect that your commercial building has mold or mildew or you are worried that your employee has come into contact with a suspected or known contaminant, then we can help you with that cleanup process.

We provide 24/7 on-call thorough decontamination of your workplace, facility, residence, or fleet vehicles. We also provide you with a certificate of decontamination, so you can rest assured that your employees have nothing to fear regarding their health. Learn more about our healthy clean interiors program here.

Environmental Cleanup Companies Can Help

If you have a situation that needs clean-up, but you aren't sure if environmental cleanup companies can help, rest assured that they can. Cleanup companies like HCI Environmental have years of experience in cleaning up all kinds of environmental spills and emergencies.

Contact us today if you wish to get a quote on one of our services mentioned above. Our live operator is waiting to help you with any clean-up you might need.

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